Chocolate Skateboards Perez Sound System 8.375" Deck


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The Sound System 8.375" is a Stevie Perez pro model deck from Chocolate Skateboards. A classic design - traditionally pressed on North American Maple using high-quality epoxy resin. This deck features the G030 shape, which includes a full round nose, full hips, and around blunted tail. A great shape for those that need an all-terrain vehicle to smash out lofty frontside airs and flip out on grinds and slides. Chocolate skateboards are made at the highly acclaimed PS Stix wood workshop in Mexico and are produced with the most up-to-date advancements in manufacturing processes.


  • North American Maple
  • G0 Shape
  • Mellow Kicks
  • OG Concave
  • Made in Mexico by P.S. Stix