These Are Our Board Riders

There are loads of talented board riders all throughout Tasmania. These are a handful of board riders that have captured our imagination with their own individual riding style and their unique approach to life. 

They are a big part of what makes our local skating scene so uniquely special.  Jimmy's is just like one big family; and that includes you too...!


Gracie Cochrane - Hobart


Pippen - Indonesia


Ollie Fleming - Hobart


Morris Medhurst - Hobart


Anneka Lewis - Hobart


Sam Targett - Hobart


Renton Millar - Melbourne


Laif Johannesen - Hobart


Sam Giles - Wollongong


Ebony Rose Bielby - Victoria/Tasmania


Carlo Cason - Italy/Tasmania


Ben Smith - Hobart


Ben Cox - Newcastle/Tasmania


Nathan Mason


Oliver Laning - Hobart


Duane King - Hobart