Our Favourite Skate Parks

There's a lot to love about the Tassie skating scene.

From the classic old favourites, to the new parks popping up all over the state. More and more, the local Governments are investing funds into new facilities. We encourage you to partition your local Council for a commitment to build the next local park.

These are some of our all time local favourites.

Southern Tasmania


Bastick Street, Rosny Park 

A modern park with a bit of everything, rails, ledges, hubbers etc, 11 foot bowl, park also has lights. A 'must see' park in Southern Tasmania.

West Hobart Bowl

John Dogget Park, West Hobart

This is the second oldest skatepark in the Southern Hemishphere, long snake run into a big old bowl. Pro Skater Bob Burnquist rates it in his top 5 parks and it's had everyone from Alva to Tony Trujillo skate the place. It's old, its rough, its heaven!

EC Skate Park

North Hobart Cultural Park

An absolute Tassie Icon, with a bit of every thing and still pretty good for its age. This place has seen a lot of action and competitions over the years.

Tolosa Park

Tolosa Street, Glenorchy

Plaza style, built well and very fun (full of kids on the weekends due to the being in a reserve with bbq areas, etc). So if wanting to avoid the crowds then weekdays or late nights in the summer are best.


Chiton Chase, Taroona,

A fun park, not built that well but still fun and in a great location.


Channel Highway, Kettering

A good bowl, street section is all a little tight but if down that way worth a check. If you're heading to Bruny, as it's worth stopping at as its just before the ferry.


Burtons Reserve, Cygnet

This is waaaay down south but a little cracker of a skate park when your down that way.

Bruny Island

School Road, Alonnah

In an amazing spot, this park has a nice bowl with a pool coping and some street obstacles around the outside. Be sure to head over to the pub for some amazing seafood and a beer, with a stunning view.


Main Road, Dover

A fun little park, way down south. Plenty of boxes, ramps and street elements.


Main Street, Nubeena

A very well built, small bowl with some boxes and street elements up top.

East Coast


Scamander Ave, Scamander

Fun park on the East coast of Tassie overlooking the beach. Pack your surfboard, as there can be plenty of waves around.

St Marys

Groom Street, St Marys

With a population of about 600 people, St Mary's is lucky enough to have one of the states best parks...!

Northern Tasmania

Royal Park Launceston

Paterson Street, Launceston

The only park in Launy that's worth skating. Pretty cool plaza set-up, bowl and graffiti area.

Hadspen Park

16 Main St, Hadspen

A fun little park with a collection of street elements, rails and ramps.


Main Street, Bridport

A brand new concrete park with loads of fun elements.


The Bluff Road, Devonport

On the beach with something for everyone, ledges, hips, rails and a big vert wall, another must if in Tassie.

George Town

Anne Street

A small plaza style park, that's plenty of fun with street elements and ramps.


Beach Road, Ulverstone

This is one of Tassies newest and greatest parks, recently upgraded and incoperating a near by pump track.


Bass Highway, Burnie

A well built park with a bit of everything, located at a great spot on the beach.

Sister's Beach

Irby Boulevard, Sisters Beach

A bit of a hidden gem. This is a cool little park hidden in the northern part of the state.


Little Goldie Street, Wynyard

A strange little street set-up with plenty of ramps and rails. Plenty of fun.

Tell us about your local park

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