Exite Pro-Max Knee Pads Small


The Exite Pro-Max is the first modular Knee Pad that skaters can customize to suit themselves. Coming with extra 'donut' inserts, which gives you options for a tighter fit, with more protection, so you hit the street, mini ramp and vert ramp in the same pads. 

The Pro-Max is made up of two layers of foam – the first layer of the knee pad foam is called the Donut Insert. The Donut insert has a hole punched-out through the centre of the foam and helps locate the Main Foam into the knee pad .The Donut and Main Foam can be replaced with new foam for a pad upgrade or for more protection or size control. 

The caps are bolted on by a threaded stainless eyelet insert mounts into the pad through the eyelet. The bolt is glued-in with a semi-permanent lok-tite so the bolts can be removed when a cap upgrade is required. The cap is also held into position by velcro under the bolt system. 

The side of the Pro-Max is covered with kevlar to make them ultra durable. Straps, caps and foam inserts are all fully replaceable.

The Exite Pro-Max are serious pads for serious riders. High quality protection, washable, customizable and highly shreddable!