Primitive x Naruto Leaf Village 8.125” Complete Skateboard


Naruto: Shippuden - Naruto x Primitive Naruto Leaf Village 8.125” Skateboard Deck (Complete Skateboard)

Skateboards and skateboarding have come a long way since their inception in the 1940’s, by attaching roller skates to planks of wood. Now skateboarding is not only an International sport, but a culture and lifestyle.

This culture has influenced artists around the world to transform the original plain boring skating decks, into collectible and limited edition works of art. Instead of using these decks to skate, you can hang them on your wall.

Primitive and Naruto have combined to bring you this epic anime-inspired complete skateboard! The underside's design consists of the most iconic members of the Naruto franchise in high detail, standing beside each other heroicly. The artwork is completed with the tasteful Primitive typography, along with brush style Japanese script.

Skate it or hang it, either way this is a piece not to be missed by any Naruto fan, and will look great hanging on anyone's wall. This complete deck is perfect for the street, pool, park, vert, or display.

Deck Width: 8.125”