Santa Cruz - Eric Dressen Pup 9.30 Skateboard Deck



Experience the unique design of the Santa Cruz Eric Dressen Pup 9.30 Skateboard Deck. Featuring UV reactive ink and metallic silver details, this deck showcases original artwork and Eric's signature 9.3" shape with a double front hole pattern for customizable wheelbase options ranging from 14.5-15". Get ready to stand out and ride with style under the sun.

This skateboard deck is constructed with 7 plies of North American Maple, each pressed individually using epoxy. This results in a strong, responsive deck with long-lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.

The ATV is a versatile skateboard deck designed with a medium-depth concave and symmetrical nose and tail kick, providing excellent performance on a variety of terrains and shapes. It is suitable for all skaters, no matter their location or skill level.


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skateboards was founded in 1973 by Rich Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman. Santa Cruz also employed legendary artist Jim Phillips to create most of the brands early graphics, most notably their iconic "Screaming Hand" graphic.